Remote Base Station

Update on the Remote Base Station 8/7/2013

I had the pleasure of operating this station from 2005 until 2012. But as
the old adage says "all good things must end" and on 5/28/2012 a tragedy
occurred that ended this "good thing".  On this date my daughter, Karen,
who owned the clinic where the station was located, was fatally shot by her
estranged husband who then shot himself and orphaned their two children.
As the executor of her will, I sold the clinic in September, 2012 and I was
given guardianship of the two children by the court.  So at 81 I am going
through the experience of raising two teenagers for the second time. Wish me luck.

Operating a station remotely using computer screens and mouse pointers is not as much fun as sitting in front of the rig and spinning the knob and pushing the mike button. However in my present circumstances (Subdivision with antenna restrictions) its this way or no fun at all.
The station is located at Veterinary Medical Center of Spring, a veterinary clinic owned by my daughter, who generously allowed me to use her facilities. 

Starting at the tower:

The tower is an AN Wireless HD-60
The mast is 2" OD x .250 wall Chrom-Moly Grade 4130 24' long, approx 16' protrudes out of the tower.
The rotor is a Prosistel PST61D
The "H" frame is made from 2" OD x .250 wall aluminum tubing.
The 2 m antenna system is 4 x 2M5WL M2 Yagis.
The 6m antenna is an M2 6M5X.
The 2 m antenna is fed with 1 5/8" Andrew Hardline.
The 6 m antenna is fed with 7/8" Andrew Hardline.
The coax runs to a junction box at the base of the tower containing lightning arrestors,  a 2 meter preamp and associated steering relays. 
The Coax and rotor cables next go underground to the building which is about 150'. The 1 5/8" and 7/8" coax ends at the entry point on the building and 1/2" suplerflex is used the 50 feet or so to the equipment.

The equipment is located in a closet and consists of:
A Flex 5000A SDR.
A Lunar-Link System LA-22A amplifier.
The control box for the rotor.
An 8 relay card connected to a rs-232 port to turn on power radio. amp etc.
A computer with a DSL connection to the internet.


Audio------ Skype -- VOIP for audio Skype Home Page
I also use Google Talk for audio
Program written in VB by me to control the rotor.
Program to control and sense the state of the relay card (Written in VB by me)
Remote Access program to control the computer from Home or anywhere over the internet.
(a free one is Logmein) Logmein Home Page

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