Software and Hardware on Home Computer 

Control Software --- (Free) Can use GotoMyPC etc
VoIP Program for transmit and receive Audio --- I use Skype (Free) and Google Talk also free I use a pair of headphones with a boom mike --- Connect the headphones and computer speakers to the sound card with a "Y" connectors so that the speakers are still usable.

Software and Hardware on Remote Computer

Remote Control Software ---
VoIP --- Skype and Google Talk
Rig Control --- Not needed with Flex 5000
Rotor Control --- Program that that I wrote in Visual Basic uses Com port 1 --- I am putting the Com ports here so I won't lose them!
Relay Card Program  --- Program that I wrote in Visual Basic (I will be happy to give it to anyone that is interested) uses Com port 4
WSJT Meteor Scatter Program --- Someday I'll get this working 
The Relay Card is an eight relay board with 10 amp relays