Calebís Visit to the ΔH Ranch

Once upon a time long, long ago there was a little boy named Caleb. Caleb lived in a city named College Station in Texas with his Mommy and Daddy. One summer Calebís Granddad and MeMa asked Caleb to come and visit them at their ranch, at Bolivar, Texas. Caleb was very excited. He helped his mother pack for the trip. After what seemed to Caleb to be a very long time the packing was finished. Caleb and his Mom and Dad loaded their car and headed for the ranch. Caleb kept asking his Mom and Dad, "when will we be there"? Finally they reached the ranch. As they drove up the driveway, "Wow" said Caleb, "Granddadís house is all by itself, where are all the other houses"? In the country the houses are not close together the way they are in the city where we live said daddy. Mommy said to Caleb, just wait until you see all the neat things at the ranch.

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